Welcome to my Young Living website
I am an independent distributor of the Young Living Essential Oils I have been using these pure therapeutic grade oils since early 2010. I have seen wonderful health benefits in myself and others who believers and users.
This site, came about as a way to share with people who are looking for safe, alternative treatments to health issues. Whether they be physical or mental. Simple problems like cuts and scrapes, colds and fever, headaches or wounds. Or complex problems like back aches, knee injuries, ADD - ADHD, anxiety, depression, migraines or hormonal issues.
Amazing shifts happens when these oils are used to bring a balance in your body. And that too without using anything synthetic, loaded with side effects. Please do visit my page on Facebook. Click LIKE on the top and you will be able to read all the articles and view the slides, testimonials etc that I post on a regular basis.
What I use

I only use pure therapeutic grade essential oils by YOUNG LIVING. The Young Living Essential Oils are.

  • PURE - View our Seed to Seal video. they are non toxic and chemical free
  • Therapeutic grade - which means they can be taken internally and will never turn rancid.
  • POTENT - because they are concentrated and thus used by the drop to treat a problem, not by the bottle.
  • Cold pressed organic carrier oils are used if any blend needs a carrier oil.

Remember, the skin absorbs 60%+ of all chemicals and any other element we use on our skin and hair.

I am looking forward to working with you. Please contact me with any product suggestions or product questions you may have. If you are interested in purchasing these Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils at wholesale prices, please let me know. I will be happy to show you how to do that. You get what you pay for, which includes peace of mind, which is priceless! 

Our world has become a toxic waste dump. Most companies only care about the bottom line... profit...at the expense of the customers' health. They often use cheap ingredients to make the product sellable to the public. More often than not these include toxic chemicals known to cause cancer, as defined by the FDA.

Our skin is the largest organ of the body. Our skin absorbs almost everything (up to 60%), and breathes in all the pollutants in the environment. Eventually they get into our bloodstream. Daily-use products like soap, perfume and lotion, to insect repellents, sunscreen, antibiotic ointments and salves containing petroleum jelly or petroleum products like mineral or baby oil, maybe carriers of such harmful elements. Instead of applying such known hazardous agents, try applying the entire natural essential oils, which are plant products and deliver only beneficial effects.

The bottom line: do not put anything on your skin that you could not safely eat.

At Young Living, we value all team members’ opinions, and I look forward to your feedback on any of the products that you use.